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Long story short

Hey there!


Thank you for visiting our shop, my name is Mark. I am the owner and as you can see I am not a ginger.....
I decided to create this shop because I had a ginger girlfriend. (yeah I don't really date her anymore) She is truly beautiful but she had really low self-confidence because of what other people said about her being ginger and that they found her weird especially in her childhood. I stepped to ginger community that way a found there are quite a lot disregards and discriminations and that it affects ones mind a big time.
That experience, my girlfriend and my passion in online shopping encouraged me to create this store and hopefully community.
Heck there are only 1-2% in human population of you! You shouldn't be sad because you are different, you should be proud because you are Special! 
I want to empower this statement and that's why our products are strongly ginger/redhead-pride oriented.
Click on our logo on the top to continue to our site. Hope you'll like our products and wear them with pride just as you wear your beautifully coloured hair.
Have a great day and remember.
You are Special! ;)